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STEM and Healthy Living

Are you a kid or science geek at heart? Want to get your student prepped for a career in STEM? Falcon 4-H has everything from science judging teams that check out the habitat around Reelfoot Lake and summer camps full of cool STEM activities like learning to wire your own lamp or make your own movie. The possibilities are endless here and we'd like for you to join in on the fun! Click on this tab for more info.

Leadership and Communications

4-H students are natural born leaders. Help us build the next generation's citizens from the ground up. Strong volunteers from business and government are needed in Tennessee 4-H to help insure that our students are prepared to continue your work. Click here to find out more.

Family and Consumer Education

Want to help your student learn how to manage your own money? Or learn more about starting their own businesses? 4-H students have a head start on learning how to handle money and on becoming a educated consumer. Check out ways to help us build more financially literate kids! For more info, click below.

Outdoor and Recreation

Falcon 4-H students have one of the coolest national wildlife refuges in their own backyard! Whether you want to participate in Forestry or Outdoor judging teams, hike, trap shoot, or bbq, Falcon 4-H has you covered. Click below!

Farming and Ranching

Tennessee 4-H's roots are in the ag community. Some 4-Hers raise animals to show at regional fairs while others have honey bee hives that and sell their product at local farmers' markets. Many Falcon 4-H students are already working on family farms that may make them eligible to show their products at the Tennessee State Fair. Click here for more info.

Arts and Crafts

Students can explore a world of crafts, hobbies, and art. But we need crafty volunteers to share their talents and help train future artists. Click on this tab for more information.

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